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Clinically validated, FDA and Health Canada Approved

About BPAro

BPAro is a portable ambulatory blood pressure monitor with the most effective and updated health parameters and technology. BPAro can accurately serve as a diagnostic foundation by constantly and dynamically monitoring human blood pressure for a long time or more hours. Patients can use it at home and at a hospital, clinic, or other medical facilities. BPAro has undergone clinical validation for accuracy and has received FDA and Health Canada approval. BPAro automatically monitors and logs patient blood pressure at predetermined intervals. Patients can engage in regular daily activities while using BPAro, including sleeping. BPAro was created and developed to be user-friendly and straightforward to launch. The BPAro app on your computer or mobile device displays all results stored in the user's personal cloud account.

BParo Key Features

Clinically Validated
Girl in a jacketOscillometric Measurement
Girl in a jacketCloud Based Reporting

Girl in a jacketAdjustable
Girl in a jacketRemote Monitoring
Made in China.