BPAro Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

Three Cuff Sizes (M, L, XL): Our blood pressure monitor fits the majority of people. The blood pressure machine's ergonomic design provides accuracy and comfort during measurements.

Simple to Use: Our blood pressure monitors are simple to operate with a single button.

Power Source: Our blood pressure monitor is powered by two AAA batteries (Included with the purchases).

The package includes: one blood pressure monitor, one XL, one L, and one M blood pressure cuff, one storage bag, one belt, four rechargeable batteries, one charger, and one manual.

BPAro Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

Included: 1 Year Manufacture Warranty USD
1 Year Free Subscription

BPAro Subscription Benefits:
Unlimited reports           
E-signing of reports   
Unlimited devices can be paired to a single BPAro App for health professional convenience.
All data is automatically stored in BPAro’s secure cloud

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